Don’t Go On Your Next Vacation Without These Essential Supplements


Going on vacation is supposed to be fun.  However, time zone changes, problematic digestion and difficulty sleeping often can ruin some of the relaxing benefits.  I’m just back from a trip to Oaxaca and I’m sharing some of the supplements I take when traveling to make sure I don’t need a vacation from my vacation.

1) Probiotics.  I recommend them often anyways, but especially when traveling to countries that have different organisms than what we are accustomed to.  

2) Anti-Microbials, such as Oregano Oil or Biocidin.  With the same idea in mind, preventing organisms from taking hold in the first place is the best treatment when traveling to other countries. Take them separately from your probiotic.

3) Melatonin. While I don’t promote melatonin for long term use, it can be helpful when changing time zones to help you fall asleep can help you keep up with a changing schedule. (Caution with certain thyroid disorders.)

4) Magnesium. Many of you know this as my favorite supplement. In addition to helping regulate the nervous system, it can promote better sleep and keep the digestion moving (when traveling can otherwise make things sluggish.) Most people run a little deficient in magnesium anyways, so taking it supplementally agrees with just about everyone.

Now, enjoy your getaway and safe travels!