Kymberly Kelly is an extraordinary practitioner and healer. I first came to her with an inability to walk due to pain radiating into my knee. She was able to locate the source of my pain and effectively treat me within in 3 visits. I later came back with hormonal distress of hot flashes and anxiety flashes. Again with acupuncture and chinese herbs she quickly gave me my quality of life back! Over the past 8 years I have continued to use Kymberly as my primary health practitioner. Being a health practitioner myself, I have joyfully referred many of my clients to her on a regular basis and they have gratefully thanked me. Kymberly has physically enhanced my health and continues to inspire me through her work.
— Nicole
Kymberly has been a life saver. She has provided a safe space filled with understanding and advice, and has continuously worked to manage my pain as if it were her own. Her work has truly complemented that of “traditional” doctors. I don’t know what I would do without her practice.
— L.A.
Seeing Kymberly and incorporating Chinese Medicine into my healthcare has greatly increased my wellness by not just treating the symptom but the underlying cause. It’s increased my awareness about what upsets my constitution and throws it out of whack. I have been really pleased that chronic health complaints, anxiety, and allergies have been able to be hugely controlled and managed by acupuncture. It also never hurts that acupuncture chases the aches and pains away and pretty much every session I ask Kymberly if I can see her for any and all health complaints.
— A.T.
Of all the acupuncturists I’ve seen, Kymberly Kelly has the BEST skill. There is the tiniest sensation of pressure as she places the needles, followed by warmth, then...floating bliss. I appreciate that she listens to my issues without judgment and lovingly advises me on lifestyle, diet and nutrition. Throughout the 6 years I’ve known her, she’s taught me a lot about healing and helped to instill a belief that my body has the wisdom to heal itself when given the proper support.
— Kim
Kymberly Kelly’s acupuncture not only cured my migraines and the symptoms I had for 19 years, I believe it aided me in a healthy, wonderful pregnancy. Through herbs and acupuncture, I have been able to start living my life instead of in fear of my next headache.
— J.V.M.
Kymberly Kelly is a highly competent and caring practitioner. She is responsible for the elimination of my many years of hip and leg pain from sciatica! Her gentle techniques and the calming surroundings of her office make her treatments seem more like a relaxing spa experience than a medical procedure. I have had other acupuncturists work on me, so I know the difference!
— Patricia
I came to Kymberly Kelly’s practice in a desperate state after I tried guided epidural injections to relieve low back pain. Not only was this medical procedure unsuccessful, but I also had a severe reaction to the cortisone that exacerbated my original symptoms. After only a few visits I got relief from the back pain and cortisone reaction. I am very impressed with Kymberly’s skill in diagnosis and treatment. For many years, I have used acupuncture but I have never gotten such swift and complete results before with other practitioners. I have also benefited greatly from the Chinese herbs she has prescribed. Kymberly Kelly is a very compassionate doctor and it is a pleasure to be treated her very clean and cheerful office. I also appreciate that she runs her practice on time, which is essential for me, with my busy schedule.
— B.G.
I saw Kymberly for over a year and half to help me transition off medications that were unsafe for my impending pregnancy. She treated me for a neurological disorder as well as migraines before and during my pregnancy. She also provided treatment to help me become pregnant and to ease my sometimes rough pregnancy symptoms throughout. I found the treatments to be very effective and helpful, and Kymberly was always very thorough, thoughtful and supportive. I couldn’t recommend her more highly
— E.B.
Acupuncture has changed my life. Kymberly has successfully treated me with acupuncture & herbs for torn ligaments, muscle sprains, back pain, stress, PMS, UTIs, flu, bronchitis…you name it! She’s the first person I call for any health related issues. I’m grateful to have discovered this ancient practice that’s been effectively healing people for thousands of years.
— M.V.
We came to Kymberly as a referral because we were having trouble conceiving. I had age working against me and my husband suffered from MFI. Kymberly knew exactly what to do for each step in my preconception and conception journey. The addition of herbs and acupuncture 6 months before beginning an IVF cycle for myself and my husband ensured that my reproductive health was as good as it could be and also helped the quality of sperm. I FIRMLY believe that it was a major factor in IVF success from one cycle. We had one cycle of low dose stimulation drugs and I had acupuncture the entire cycle which really assisted with any side affects and more importantly, it helped with implantation and helped ensure that my pregnancy was viable so I wouldn’t miscarry. Kymberly knew what to do for each phase of my IVF cycle and was so understanding and compassionate while also being very realistic. I also had acupuncture throughout my pregnancy which helped my pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, carpel tunnel etc,. It also helped my body prepare for a natural (non c-section) labor and delivery and to make sure I didn’t go into labor prematurely.

One more benefit of acupuncture (that is not documented) is pregnant women who do acupuncture during pregnancy have laid back babies. My daughter is so easy going and low maintenance. She’s still a baby and has her moments but she is really an easy baby. I would and have recommended Kymberly to anyone who needs assistance with conceiving because she really understands all aspects of fertility, both traditional and holistic, and handles her clients with so much care and respect and professionalism.
— L.M.
Nothing has made me feel better than the benefits of Chinese Medicine and the work I have done with Kymberly Kelly. I have lived a healthy and active life, however, when I found a pain in my back and shoulder area that could not be cured with time and rest, I began acupuncture. Working with Kymberly has opened my eyes to the benefits of Chinese medicine. She has not only fixed the pain I was experiencing, but also addressed other issues to ensure that I am living the healthiest lifestyle possible. Since meeting Kymberly and beginning my experience with Chinese Medicine, I have learned so much more about my body to ensure I am taking care of myself in the best way possible. I trust Kymberly and her knowledge of this type of treatment is incredible. I am forever grateful for my experiences with her and the benefits of acupuncture
— V.A.
At 42 and just after a failed IVF, I was told to consider using egg donation. Upon hearing the news, I changed doctors and started acupuncture with Kymberly. I found Kymberly to be kind, helpful and so thorough and knowledgeable in this area of reproductive medicine and IVF. She restored my hope of having a biological child. Kymberly worked me prepping my body for another attempt at IVF, and continued to help me through the phases of IVF. The IVF cycle was successful as I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

When I was 45, I returned to Kymberly with hopes of getting pregnant again using my own eggs. Kymberly worked with me for a total of 8 months. I had the greatest results of any of my prior 4 IVF attempts. My healthy baby girl was born the day after I turned 46.

I am forever grateful for Kymberly’s expertise. I firmly believe that acupuncture contributed to my success and I have recommended Kymberly to anyone I come across who has fertility issues.
— M.C.