Kymberly Kelly, L.Ac.



Kymberly Kelly M.S., L.Ac. is certified as a Diplomat with the NCCAOM and is licensed by both the New York State Education Department as well as the California Acupuncture board.  She earned her Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California.  She is entering into her 14th year of practice here in New York City.

Kymberly’s continuing education has focused on womens’ health and fertility.  She has had the privilege of working with those on their path to parenthood through fertility enhancement and pregnancy support.  She also has experienced how effective Chinese Medicine is at helping those suffering from the symptoms of pain, headaches, anxiety, insomnia and digestive disorders.  For a full list of the conditions treated at Ren Wellness, click here.

About Ren Wellness

Ren Wellness is a quiet, sunlit oasis in the heart of Manhattan offering individualized health care in a boutique setting.  Using Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, you will be given the treatment and tools you need to restore your health and vitality. For some, that includes enhancing their fertility to have the family they want, for others it means reducing their pain or anxiety or improving their sleep. One of the many assets of Chinese Medicine is its capacity to customize treatment for each individual. At Ren Wellness, you will have the time and the care you need so that together, we can attain your personal goals. 


 “The essence of being Human”

REN MAI: “Conception Vessel”

“Ren Mai holds the power of conception and regeneration of life”

RÉN: “Seed.” 

“The seed and core of everything”